Sunday, February 17, 2013

sunny day confessions

It's actually gorgeous outside today, so this title isn't wishful thinking!

-It still feels bizarre to be blogging under my real name... but I like it.

-Even more bizarre? I am incapable of pronouncing my own name. I love hearing other people say it, but the way I say it just sounds stilted. (This makes introducing myself difficult...)

-Older ladies often tell me I'm gorgeous but I rarely hear this from people my own age. This confirms my suspicion that I was born in the wrong age.

-Even my mother has now accepted I will be a Crazy Cat Lady... just look at what she gave me for Valentine's Day!

(Hint: it wasn't the clothes... Also, apology for the slightly creepy smile, blame it on the awkward changeroom lighting!)

-The thought of prom is a bit dispiriting right now. Everyone's talking about their dresses, dates, etc, and all I can think is a) I have no idea where to look for my dress b) I'm probably going to be the only one without a date (in a graduating class of ten people, this is not an exaggeration) and c) what if, when I find my dress, it doesn't fit?

-This weekend is going to be a total Chocolate/Junk In General Overload... but whatever, it's so delicious and it's just one weekend, right? (Except it's three days instead of two... oh well, living in a chocolate buzz makes the extra calories worth it!) (Hm... maybe this is why I have no prom date? And why I worry about fitting into a dress? Shhhh)

-I'm scared of putting gas into the van by myself. I'm worried that, just as I put in the nozzle, someone will leap out and kidnap me.

-I'm addicted to this line of body products.

They all smell absolutely luscious- like candied fruit and dessert and everything nice- and I can't stop using them! (Thank you once again, Mum and Sephora.)

What do you have to confess?


  1. If you were born in an alternate age we probably wouldn't be such tight brohams and as a result life would suck. You're gorgeous, and because of that people our age are intimidated by iy so they don't bring it up. They just think it. Mwahaha, I referred to you as my bro on your blog XD Is that worse than a hashtag? xxx

  2. sometimes i feel like i was born in the wrong age too. ha!
    some people i have what they call an old soul, gladly not an old face. blah.
    i felt the same too the first time i decided to blog under my real name, not my nickname. but i love it. and so far, usually it's people (non-indonesian ones) who cannot spell my name correctly

  3. I think it's good to be blogging under your real name! It's a lot more personal that way :)

  4. Was so nice of you to visit my blog and
    leave a sweet comment...
    Have a great week

  5. I've thought that I was born in the wrong age too. My generation is too stupid for me lol. A graduating class of 10? That's so small! good luck on finding your dress. (Btw, there's nothing wrong with indulging in chocolate!)

  6. I was totally born in the wrong age, I should've been around in the 50s....or the 1800s - but that seems a bit more unlikely.

  7. Love Crazy Cat ladies! And I love your name. Is it Russian?

  8. Ooh you make a cute crazy cat lady! Also, good luck finding a cute dress and a date. Try asking a guy friend? With a friend at least you know you'll have a great time!

  9. I like that you're blogging under your real name now!! And I have decided that we were all pretty much born in the wrong age in one way or another!

  10. I love your name and I love hearing they way people pronounce it as well. I think everyone feels like they were born in the wrong age atleast once in their life.

  11. oh! lovely name, now i wonder how zia came out of tatiana. anyways, zia and tatiana are such cute names. so shall i call you tatiana now? ;) as for your prom don't be shy to ask the guy you like. it is better to make a move and fail than to leave that question hanging :) hope you find the perfect dress. stay pretty!

  12. At least you are a darn cute and talented crazy cat lady; that should count for something!


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