Saturday, February 16, 2013

dancing up a storm

Ah, highschool dances. Also known as "the misnamed event wherein no one actually dances, but stands around awkwardly bopping their heads and pretending that they're not too embarassed to dance."

Other than Kori and I, of course. We flung ourselves into the middle of the dance floor and... flailed?

Okay, that was just me. There is no false modesty involved when I say I can't dance. Some moves I tried to coin yesterday were named "The Jellyfish" (waving my arms like tentacles in front of me while jumping from side to side) and "The Octopus" (...pretty similar). There was also quite a bit of tripping involved- my knees are now black and blue. (I consider it a war wound in the service of Fun.)

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get any photos (blame Kori, who refused to pose with me) so you'll just have to imagine my thrashing- but at least I have one glamourous bathroom mirror shot.

(Isn't that toilet in the background lovely? Actually, maybe it's a good thing- it makes me look extra gorgeous in comparison!) As you can tell, I maybe like purple a little bit. This was a perfect dancing skirt- it swirled and dipped and made even my most awkward moves look elegant. (I was also told that I made everything I did look princess-y. I would be flattered by this, but the bemused tone and snicker that accompanied it made  it a dubious compliment.)

I'm sure you're all dying to know: Did my flailing attract anyone? Did I meet any cute boys on Valentine's Day? The answer is... drumrolll.... no. (I didn't even end up going to the doctor's- I had to work.) However, my principal did give me a piece of fudge, so... there's that consolation. Really, chocolate makes everything better... in part because I need to go work out after, and exercise makes everything better too! It's like a double punch!

And my third consolation: At least I have Taylor Swift sing-alongs with my spare mates. However, watch out: when you start singing Miley Cyrus, this is what happens:

You fall off your chair and hit your head. KARMA, I'm telling you!

Oh, and just remember... in case you ever feel there's no chivalry in the world...

Happy weekend, ninjas!


  1. Gentleman ninjas :D

    I had much fun flailing with you last night! Don't worry, it is now my life goal to teach you the melbourne (aka shuffle). And the spongebob. And jumpstyle. We will be a force to be reckoned with at the next one. And bahaha, that certain group of guys didn't even bother to bop their heads, they just watched the screen in awe XD

  2. "Gentlemen ninjas" xD That's hilarious. At least you had the balls to go out and dance! You go girl.. Though I would have been one of those people in the corner.. bobbing my head.. xD

  3. That skirt is super cute! You definitely describe dances well...I'm glad that you had fun though.

  4. Great look - you didn't need the toilet to make you look good!


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