Tuesday, February 12, 2013

promspiration (NOT perspiration)

It might only be February... but for those of us graduating, prom seems to be approaching at light speed. Here are some of my dress ideas! (All of these photos come from Tumblr... at least my procrastination paid off, in a way!)

But first... a workout, just cause I want to look good, youknow?

And now, allons-y!

So adorably retro!

Lace. And corset. OMG.

Okay, so maybe not quite this frothy... but still.

Love love love the rich red colour... and the corset, of course!

This one reminds me of something a faerie would wear. 

Now, dearest ninjas, I'm enlisting your help. Do any of you know of good sites I could peruse? Or, if you live in Canada or near the Canadian border, any actual stores? (I'd really rather try my dress on first... picky, picky!) My top requirement (as you may have noticed) is that it have a corset top (Victorian glamour!)... and other than that, I'm open to anything.

Let the shopping madness begin!


  1. ooooh I LOVE the fairy dress. love love love.
    sometimes I miss high school dances.
    and by sometimes I mean always. haha

  2. love the dresses! i love corsets omg so pretty!

  3. I love that second dress sooo much! Though I wouldn't think of it as a prom dress. Great dresses!

  4. These are some amazing dresses. I especially love the black/grey one. I need to try and make something like this for myself.
    Kayleigh http://www.thewayiwanderlust.blogspot.com.au


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