Wednesday, February 27, 2013

overcoming obstacles (aka a terror of skiing)

Yes... I am alive! (Or perhaps I'm a zombie and I just haven't realised it yet. I haven't had any odd cravings for brains yet, only chocolate, but I'll keep you posted.) Skiing was, in fact, wonderful, thanks mostly to my wonderful bros (yes I use that word now, I have been corrupted) Kori and Cécile. There were no:

a) tears (okay, a few mentally, but I kept it well inside)
b) collisions (amazingly I did not hit a tree, impressive)
c) injuries (although my legs are quite stiff today... another sign of zombie-ism?)

Although I stayed in snowplow snake (my term... you know, when you zigzag wildly across the entirety of the hill) the entire time, I think it went rather well. I may not have been the most graceful (but then, when am I ever?) but I had fun!

Warning: photo avalanche follows... I hope you're not buried!

the obligatory graceful chair pose in the lobby... don't I look perfectly lodge-like?

and again, be astounded by the beauty and grace. Cécile is a little less enthusiastic... perhaps wondering why she invited me... 

the stuffies are prepared to devour all the gummies before Cécile and Kori can get to them!

my latest superpower: I can fly! however, I am also adept at falling on my face...

Note I and Kori's favourite shirts of the moment: grey sparkly owl sweater and green Celtics hoodie! one last pretty photo before the hot tub

various "the bachelor" reactions: what is this? does he have a harem? 
needless to say, we were not impressed.

And on that cheerful note... the next day begins. Drumroll please! 

Girl Rule: there must be at least one mirror selfie per trip!

thank you Kori for ensuring that Cécile and I were not driven mad by our hair!

she makes putting on ski goggles look cool.

all ready to head out! (note that we haven't started yet... aka no looks of terror)

be impressed by the snowplow. I'm still amazed I didn't cross my skis...

OMG we survived a blue run! what is this!
alternatively, I may be about to eat Cécile's ear. I was pretty hungry

the sweater trade! betraying our schools, muahaha

...and then we returned home, and nearly fell asleep in the car, and I went to work, and daily life returned.

Sometimes you just need a lovely break from reality. Thank you, my dearest friend-people (and to Cécile's wonderful parents) for making this possible!

Jenny Matlock


  1. Ahhh Skiing! I've always wanted to ski, and I would probably break something doing it lol. But you do look oh so graceful. :)

  2. how fun. skiing is a great skill to have (but keep using it, or you'll psych yourself into NOT skiing!)

  3. Terror? I have that nailed! While golfing a month ago, I tripped over a rope and fell on my left elbow, dislocationg it!! I actually saw it pop out! "You've done it now, you idiot!" I said to myself! Thank God I wasn't skiing. I'd probably have TWO broken legs and a skull fracture!!

  4. Seems super! Skiing is so fun, I'm ashamed I haven't been skiing for years altho I live in Finland ;(
    x, Lara

  5. It seems you had a lot of fun ! I personally prefer warm weather to snow and would rather go to a warm country in winter, lol!

  6. Woah , seems like a great trip . Trips with friends are always wonderfulllllllllllllllllllllll <3
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  7. Thanks for coming by and visiting my letter O.
    Orange and nutmeg does make you think of Christmas.
    Makes the house smell good too.
    Happy Birthday.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. You are so nifty!

    I remember being as young as you once!

    And I remember skiing. ONCE!

    I think I need some aleve just from remember pain! ha!

    Thanks for the smile.



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