Friday, March 29, 2013

hold on when you get love... you haven't had enough

By now, I'm sure it'll come as no surprise that I love music and anything that allows me to be loud and generally disruptive. For this reason, I love concerts- everyone else is even louder than I am! I mentioned here that I'd be attending some... and well, you already know how my Emilie Autumn one went (aka, it didn't)... but I never wrote about Stars. Or Marianas Trench.

Let's just say they went a lot better.

I'm calling this artistic blur

yes, it was in a church.  I don't think you can get any more special

I feel like this is a digeridoo... again, the coolness factor is through the roof

(Side note: The lead singer also wore hipster glasses. Be still my beating heart.)

we hid from the world inside a disco ball

...So that might have been the best night of my life. 

But the next one was almost as good. 

awkward selfies are mandatory

(This was taken during the first of the opening acts. I'll just say we ate chocolate the entire time and let you draw your own conclusions from that...) 

just so you know that yes, I really was there and this is not just my imagination

but seriously, I want these pants

and just as seriously omg he is so attractive, marry me plzzz

However, none of this compares to the fact that I put gas in the car for the first time alone yesterday. (BE IMPRESSED.) Why could this excitement not be spread out? Like peanut butter! OMG, it totally is like peanut butter- I always drain all the oil out, and then it doesn't spread at all... so it's like clumps of deliciousness... clumps of excitement? It might not be the most well-written metaphor, but it's accurate! 

...that might have been the most awkwardly written paragraph of my life. English teachers, feel free to disown me. 

On another note of awkwardness... the dancing. For once, I don't mean mine (even I can't ruin jumping up and down) but that of the main singers' of both bands... they might have been worse than me. (Except minus the falling down and bruises.) This was a great comfort- hey, if they're famous, I can't be that awful, right? 

...this is tired-person logic. It's after eight. Time for bed.

What amazing concerts have you attended?

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  1. DEM PANTS. /FLAIL. And his HAIR! Seriously. Josh Ramsay, marry me. I have to see them at Blues Fest in July or else I may perish. #sexiestmanalivematerial #shouldgetatwitter

  2. It's awesome that music is such a big part of your life - definitely something that I relate to. I love MT as well! :)

  3. I have never been to concert(ya ya i know...) but if I did I think I would have to see Mumford and Sons... I mean seeing them live on tv is one thing, but in real life it would just be AMAZEBALLLS.

  4. I love concerts! The first one was held in a CHURCH? That's so cool!!!

  5. Stars is seriously one of my favourite bands ever. They're soooooooo amazing. Sometimes I cheat on them with DCFC and Badly Drawn Boy though ;)
    Clearly I read the two latest articles! :)

  6. Mine will seem tame compared to yours, since I'm oldish and you're youngish. . . but Eric Clapton still rocks.

  7. looks like a wonderfully joyful time had by all!


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