Friday, March 8, 2013

coolio schoolio

So... some days, I actually like school.


How could anyone admit to such a thing? In what universe could learning be considered cool? 

But really, some days... are almost... fun? 

-Playing with clear plastic squishy spheres (apparently they're what goes in diapers? except minus the less thrilling paper coating... or whatever else it is that goes in diapers, I really have no idea)

-Drinking tea that tastes like wine (really sweet, fruity wine. Not that I drink wine, but it tastes like wine smells... except less like vinegar. Was that clear enough for you?)

-Handing in a math worksheet and realising that no, I did not get all the answers wrong (sadly the test is a different story)

-Eating salad (okay so that's a joy that could happen anywhere, anytime)

-Mixing random components together to make plastic (who knew it was that simple? Apparently it can also be done with milk... ewwww)

And best of all, wearing cool Leviathan goggles.

(Before you ask, no. They are not mine, and I have no idea why he had them in his bag... and people say I'm overprepared?) Steampunk is in, ninjas... and school is cool because it taught me what steampunk was. You can't say it's not useful now! (As are cat ears. You don't get much more stylish than this... ignoring the polo shirt and hoodie three waist sizes too big of course. And when I say "waist size" I mean "it makes me look like I'm pregnant with a watermelon".) 

However, the best part of school is... not attending it. 

That's right. By the time you read this, I'll be in France! Discovering new and unknown lands! (Here there be dragons. Or possibly just lots of coffee... in my dreams!) Wish me luck... and lots of sleep. 


  1. we watched pitch perfect in math class yesterday and helped one of the teachers set up a twitter. yup. this is what we do at my school.

    1. If I went to an actual school, it would have to be like that XD #nodoubt


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