Friday, March 15, 2013

like mother like daugher

So... you know how I'm always talking about snow? And how much I love it?

Well, it's a genetic diseas-coughcough- trait. And by that, I mean that my mother is just as obsessed as I am. Just look what she made while I was at work!

It might be a bit difficult to tell... their camouflage skills are quite good... but that is Pothead (we live in a dangerous suburb) and The Cat (her creativity did not extend to a name).

So. Obviously, this could not be allowed to continue. I had to join the fun... and the other day, I finally had my opportunity!

You're probably all thinking "wow, they get so much snow!" but really, that is not the case. Well, this year it is,but most years we are (okay, okay, I am) the one(s) looking longingly at maps of weather patterns and doing dances of joy as a centimetre falls. This year has simply been a perfect ending to highschool (the universe is answering my prayers for many snow days) and therefore, I have to give thanks by making "art"!

Wally the whale, viewed from the side... just like Pothead, he blends in well to his natural habitat

Our teacup even has a giant spoon to accompany it! ...okay actually my mother broke the shovel. That is the shovel handle. (Note, once again, the genetic similarity of klutziness.) 

if I look a little bit worried, it's because the teacup was cracking around me

Penny says hello! she was originally meant to be an owl, but she turned magically into her current penguin-self

Sometimes it's just nice to return to childhood. Did you build any snow-creatures this winter?

(I'm setting this one to post while I'm away in France in case I feel a sudden nostalgia for snow and need to visit it immediately. You never know...)


  1. Haha I love making things in the snow!

    That teacup is awesome.

  2. I wish it snowed like this (or at all) in Georgia. :( You're mom is so cool, lol. My tea cup is my favorite. Yay France! :)

  3. i wish i had snow to play with :( my neighbors played with all the snow. okay that's a lie. The snow got hard :(

  4. hey, if i lived in 4 seasons country, i'd be obsessed with snow too

  5. "it doesn't snow much" HELLO. YOU BUILT A WHALE. The most it snows here is 4 inches... and this year it didn't snow AT ALL.


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