Tuesday, March 19, 2013

oui oui paris

So... I'm back! Did you miss me? (Pfft. Of course you did.) No worries, the lack of activity around here doesn't indicate my demise, merely that I've been doing other things. (Namely, sleeping and eating fruit. You would be surprised by how little fruit there is in France.)  It's been crazy catching up on all your blogs! Ok, so that was all LIES... mostly I've been sleeping... (until ten today, which is actually a new personal record!) but I promise I'll be getting back into the swing of things soon!...that makes it sound like I'm going out dancing... if only.

Despite the lack of dancing, the trip was wonderful. The people were lovely (the people on the trip with me, at least- personal wisdom doesn't lie in saying that Parisians are snobby) the food was good (advantage to being vegetarian: you get everything faster and fresher) and the coffee was wonderful (I drank my own body weight, at least).

And, well, then you have the cities... beginning, as stories are wont to do, with Paris!

I have a ridiculous number of street sign photos... just a reminder that I was really there!

Notre Dame Cathedral! Anyone else want to break into song?

chills. We visited countless churches, and yet...

it was almost inconcievable that I could be standing in the same spot as Hemingway and Fitzgerald had... this was the moment that it really hit me, that I was somewhere else and that there was infinite universes to discover around me.

the French do seem fond of their arches... we saw so many of these too, I lost track of what they all represented

yes. that is the Eiffel Tower. I WAS THERE. Interesting fact: it's the shape of an upside-down equation!

Next up: Versailles! 

yes. that is real gold. yes. I was tempted to steal it

"Louis the Desired?" somehow I don't think so

the famous Hall of Mirrors!

some people enjoyed pretending to be spies with our tour radios...

Monaco, home of Grace Kelly and car racing and the uber-rich... is there anything else I should know?

that it has a lovely landscape, perhaps?

impromptu photo shoots <3 also the one day it was actually sunny...

Last but not least... Nice. My favourite town, in fact; it was positively charming.

why is everywhere in Europe so unbearably picturesque?

let me just say there were a lot of stairs... s'all good, just means sexy legs!

And there you have it, dearest ninjas: part one of my travel saga! Join me next time for... Italy! Writing this post was extremely difficult because I simply have so many photos (most of them tiny details of things that I appreciated... not the best to provide a true story about the place and so many stories... (Aka, over eight hundred. Somehow I didn't think it would be appreciated were I to post them all.) Still. Take this as the inspiration for your own travels! Have you been to any of these places? Do you plan on it one day?


  1. Welcome back! Truthfully, I wouldn't have minded if you had posted all of your photos, France is my current dream place to go so I would have sat here all day looking at your photos... Also, I really really hope you had a Macaron for me!

    Can't wait to see Italy :)

  2. Lucky you! I'll get there... one day!

  3. Ah Paris beautiful and Nice also my favorite French city. I can't believe you say not much fruit in France, I suppose you didn't visit any market or indoor market?


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