Monday, March 25, 2013

my reincarnation as a unicorn princess

This can also be read as 'I dyed pink streaks in my hair' but really, where's the fun in that? 

I like it because it's both natural (well, as natural as pink can be... if I continue thinking in the unicorn-princess vein, it does indeed seem average!) and noticeable.

It's definitely not as adventurous as my last venture into hair colour... but I'm happy with it! I have yet to notice any magical powers revealed- since, the first thing I would do if I discovered some would be to summon spring.  Much as I love snow,  can't wait to be able to wear all my pretty dresses! (THEY'RE TAUNTING ME. Whoever said that clothes cannot speak has obviously never seen my malicious closet. If it's not saying 'haha, it's still under zero, you can't wear me! I'll just chill here and be happy without you' it's reprimanding me for not folding it. I can't win.) 

Now, all I need is a pair of wings...


  1. I've wanted pink for SO LONG. But I can't get it light enough for me to do pink. You however are certainly a unicorn now, lol. <3

  2. You win a prize for Best Title Involving Unicorns.

  3. I have been dying my hair since I was 10... and I love it. Even though I haven't dyed it in the past year my hair is still red (rather then brown) and its totally awesome. I love your pink stripes! My first hair dye mistake when when it was supposed to be bright red but then turned out HOT PINK. It was horrifying.

  4. it looks amazing! ooh i'm so jealous, to do anything with my hair, I have to bleach it first... hello split ends :( x


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