Sunday, March 10, 2013

tea makes the world go 'round

...or at least my personal world. (At any given time, half of the dishes in our dishwasher are tea mugs/steeping balls/other tea paraphernalia. On another note, I had no idea "paraphernalia" was spelt that way. Rare are the words that elude me, but that managed to do it.)

This post is dedicated to Jesse, who turns 18 today! Happy birthday, bro, and have fun drinking (...tea?) for me!

First off: Coconut Oolong!

David's Tea's Spring Collection came out March 6th, and this was part of it. I love coconut... and creamy teas... so this looked wonderful! (One of their other new teas is called "Pom Tango". Every time I scroll by it quickly, I think it says "Porn Tango" and am just like... no, I did not just read that...)

Next up: Carrot Cake!

Cause let's face it... if there's 'cake' in the title, it must be good! (I wonder if you could add cream cheese icing on top?)

Next... homophone love, Coco Cocoa! (So it's not titled precisely that... but close enough. My version sounds cooler!)

Again with the coconut... and sweetness... I think it's evident what kind of flavours I like. (Seriously though. Calorie-free cocoa. And coconut.)

And, last but not least.... Strawberry Cuppa Chocolate.

(All of this company's teas seem to have 'cuppa' in the name. Is this some odd US thing that I should know about?) Since I can no longer find David's Tea Strawberry Shortcake tea (why do they discontinue all the teas I want. WHY DO YOU HATE ME WORLD???)  this one looks like a lovely substitute! 

Plus, Em gave it to me as a birthday present. (Kinda.) So I'd better like it, right? (Love you forever for offering this to me, Em! Or maybe just hate you because now I want it... so yeah...)

Last comment, on friends giving me strange but lovely gifts (I can tie anything together): according to this Time Lord Namer, (shown to me by Jesse- happy birthday again, bro!) I am now to be known as... The Xenobiologist.

I have no idea what that is.

But it sounds cool, so all is well.

EDIT: omg, just looked it up, and it's a scientist who studies/speculates on alien life forms.

Coolness factor= infinity.


    now i want all these teas!
    -The Author, OUT

  2. iam a coffee person so i don't drink tea very often. coconut tea? i don't know how i feel about that. i guess so. if the word is 'cake', it supposed to be good.

    and happy birthday Jesse! i know we never intorduce ourselves and you might think it's kind of weird someone you don't know at all wishing you a happy birthday. but, happy birthday anyway. damn. 18 is a good age.

  3. Ohh your post reminds me that I definitely need to get into the habit of drinking tea often! :)) Great post!



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