Thursday, March 21, 2013

radical roman (italian) ramblings

...and radical they were indeed. At one point in Florence, we actually walked off the map! (Does that mean that the town ceases to exist? What a deep philosophical question... However, it more likely means simply that Mum and I continue to have an extremely bad sense of direction.)

As gorgeous as France was (you can see a small selection of photos here should you care to do so) I must confess that I preferred Italy. Why? Because... they had better food. (Surprise, surprise right? You should know by now that the way to my heart is through my stomach, for sure.)

really though just look at that. I don't think you can find a more gorgeous landscape

Our travels started in Pisa!

see how pretty this is? the town was unbelievably sketchy... not somewhere I want to be after dark

the basilica was unbelievably creepy... the place Weeping Angels go to die I swear

but really, is this not ridiculously crooked?

Then, onwards to Florence...

this was the best coffee of my life omg like really, it had ginseng and how cool is that? plus all the waiters were in fancy suits so love for that

we also went to the best restaurant. I can't even describe how good it was. plus it looked like we were in Versailles!

it seriously rained all day, I thought I was going to lose some appendages

and yet people still ate gelato, I feel my coffee was a far more sensible choice

I swear I'm moving here someday

After taking the bus yet again (I have so much more sympathy for those who take public transport all the time now) we arrived at Assise!

my new favourite (as are many things on this trip) church... really, can you beat three stories and gorgeous artwork filling every square inch? rhetorical all the way

adorably narrow streets, yes please! (as long as I don't have to drive... these people be crazy)

Finally, proving the saying "All roads lead to Rome" right by finishing our journey there. (Where does that saying come from anyway? I feel like it's somehow deep and mythological...)

so can anyone tell me what's on her chest? does she have a lot of extra breasts? are those melons?

crazy to think all maps looked like that at one time..

(Side note: these past two photos were taken in the Vatican, which is technically another city. I still can't believe that I stood under the Pope's window!)

I knew it was enormous and overwhelming and a world wonder, but I didn't know it would be quite that wonderful

and again. How is it possible that I walked around the place where Julius Caesar died? 

yet again. Rome by night, ancient and powerful and all too gorgeous. 

We also visited the Trevi Fountain (possibly my favourite stop on the trip... thankfully, because Mum and I got lost once more and had to hang out there for a while... I think the theme here is that Mum and I should not go places alone)- however, no photos remain (they somehow all disappeared, eaten by the faeries perhaps?) so... that's that. 

Also, how are there such random and gorgeous statues everywhere in all these cities? Send some to Canada for me, please! 

The nostalgia is growing... I think I'll go watch Roman Holiday! 

Jenny Matlock


  1. Amazing photos! I can't wait tot travel to other countries. :) I want some of that coffee too! :)

  2. Oh how pretty!! I would love to visit all of these places... but Paris comes first!

  3. Great photos! Your post brought back memories of my own trips to Rome and Florence. Beautiful cities! I love Europe.

  4. Awesome post! The photography is brilliant and I can myself moving here someday..we will be a good neighbors! lol

  5. Such exquisite captures!

    And many thanks for stopping by - have a lovely weekend!

    Lola & Nora:)

  6. Dude, seriously - I hate you for this trip, these pictures make me drool XD I want to go to Europe so badly!

  7. Enjoyed your photos - travelling is fun!

  8. Assisi is so pretty! When we went to Italy, my dad and grandma went to Rome without us (grrr...)

  9. What wonderful pics and memories, cousine! Did you take many food pics? What did you eat in Italy that you loved so much? I'm drinking coffee with almond milk right now but it's not as tasty as your ginseng coffee looks to have been.

  10. This is definitely a trip to Remember...

    The photographs of your adventure are quite Remarkable...

    Thanks for linking to the letter R...



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