Saturday, March 23, 2013


The title of this post started out as 'ootn' (which is here an acronym for 'outfit of the night') but the strangeness bothered me too much (hypocritical much?) and I needed to change it. 

So instead, you got "hootin'". 

Which is, in its way, strangely appropriate- the whole reason for this outfit (because who am I kidding, it's a Friday night, I usually only wear pyjamas) was because I attended Bohemian Nights last night! This is, for you poor uneducated souls, a night dreamed up by a volunteer group in my town geared towards 'youth involvement' and ensuring that teenagers find somewhere other than our local McDonald's to haunt. 

Whatever the occasion is, I'm happy to be all dressed up! 

glasses: Ardene's
cardigan: AE
shirt: Bluenotes 
jeans: Sirens

Incidentally, this is my 'skinny shirt'. It's that one shirt that, whenever I feel bad about myself, I wear... and voilĂ ! Five pounds gone! (Everyone should have a skinny shirt. The fact that mine has a penguin on it is either slightly unfortunate or very reflective of my personality...) 

(And confession: the only reason I'm blogging right now is to stop myself from eating more of these peanut butter pretzel chocolate chip cookie bites because I've already eaten more than I want to confess and I need to remind myself that yes, fitting into jeans is important... However, I am going shopping tomorrow, so I can always buy new ones!) 

...I just looked at the clock and realised I've been on the Internet basically all day. 

What am I doing with my life...


  1. I think that shirt is adorable and I'm glad that it makes you feel good about yourself!

  2. I saw this on my update feed and didn't even recognize you for a second - you look marvelously hipster :D Yay for non-Mcdonalds haunting! Just come see me at the library and that problem is solved ;) xxx

  3. Love it! Having any shirt with a penguin on it is badass, but a skinny shirt with a penguin on it is somehow even cooler :D

  4. Share those bites girl! lol. I'm loving the outfit.. and yes.. I do think the penguin reflects your personality. lol. ^_^


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