Tuesday, September 25, 2012

a slight case of blabbermouth

I was told this morning that I was 'too happy' (although how this is possible I am not sure)... so I apologise in advance if this post is bothersome to you, dearest listeners. To combat this possible overjoyedness, I will confess a secret:

I live in fear that I will one day walk into my basement and discover that a tramp has taken up residence there.

...yeah, ok, moving on now.

The current dilemma of my life: exercise, read, or blog? (This is why I shouldn't eat chocolate any later than four. I get all hyper and bounce around like the Energizer bunny, frightening the cats in the process. However, they often frighten me with their unearthly howling- maybe that's why I think a tramp is in the basement? More like an elephant- so I suppose we're even.)

EXERCISE BREAK! Get up and do ten jumping jacks or run around your room for a while during my distraction... Okay, I'm back. You may now stop your mini-workout. (Did you actually do something?)

Without any graceful segue (which is really pronounced sedge-way... how bizarre!) this was my amazing outfit for casual day today!

(Glamour bathroom shots foreverrr!) I love casual day. It is literally the best day of the month. (No wonder I'm happy today!) Except this photo worries me a little... like, do I look like a Bratz doll? As in, is my head too big for my body? (I swear it's not like that in real life...unless I'm wearing one of my extremely large and lovely hats.)

Also, for your personal edification (yes, I'm in a big-words-mood) today was the birthday of the French-Ontarian flag! It's partyyyy time, y'all. (I really need to stop that...) Except not really... because there was only a boring ceremony -sadface- Not so happy.

However, I had Carly Rae Jepsen's new album to comfort me. I was literally dancing a bit (read: all over the place) in the hallway this morning. (This may also account for the 'too happy' comment.) Seriously though, how can you listen to this and not want to dance?

(Yes, you guessed it: I'm dancing again.)

Let's just end with: dinosaurs are the best. (Thank goodness I have pens to occupy myself during math class...) 



  1. Thanks so much for linking up, have a great week!

  2. i never stick up to exercise, ha!
    i always needed distraction in math class. i did not like math.

    1. omg, i understand, it's hardddd :O

      and haha, i actually like math... just not graphing :( ew.

  3. AHH! Dinosaur doodles! Dude. When I was in school I would doodle all of the time. My notes were covered in scribbles and practice handwriting of all sorts! Hehe.

    1. nice! that makes it so much more fun to study xD

  4. I love the happy, happy, joy, joy!! Keep it up!


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