Friday, September 28, 2012

high five for friday!

I'm currently using this post to inject some positivism (is that even a word in English? ah well) in my life before heading off to a mind-crushing session of tedium (read: work)... because really, it's Friday and that is truly a synonym for happiness (or at least relief!). Linking up here... and off we go!

1. Wearing jackets. Okay, so this might be an odd thing to love... but fall is truly the season of coats, and there's just so many gorgeous ones out there!

Whenever I wear this, I feel like a James Bond girl, all prepared for ACTION and EXCITEMENT ...then I see my uniform skirt under it, and my hopes are slightly dashed. (Then I pretend I'm just going undercover.)

2. Pumpkin pie. I'm sure I've posted many times about how much I love pie... but really, in this case, I can't have too much of a good thing. (Well, talking about it anyway. Somehow I can't imagine that eating any more of it would be beneficial.)

Although, sad to say... this pie was made yesterday, and this is all that's left.

3. New Girl. 

Does anyone else watch this? I just discovered it Wednesday and I've already watched the first 10 episodes. (I have a life, I swear! But it totally provides valuable tips... like, people seem to think singing in public is weird. Whyyy?)

4. Arugula. Okay, this one is definitely a little bit strange... but hear me out.... yeah, okay, never mind, I just like salad. I am just weird.

It's just so crispy and bitter and yummy! (And, like the pumpkin pie photo, let's just pretend I have photography skillz, k?)

5. Reading. Um, yeah, I'm sure you've heard this one before also... but autumn just seems like the perfect time to curl up with some hot tea (I've heard that David's Tea has some new marshmallow kind out? What is this wonder?) and a wonderful book. I just finished...

Memoirs of A Geisha! (On my friend's strenuous recommendation.) Has anyone else read this? It certainly got five stars from me... the beauty of the prose, the characterisation, the gorgeous clothes (yes, that is totally a factor)... all were wonderful. (If you want to check out what else is on my shelves, check out my Goodreads page!)

A bonus: it's fall, so leaves are FALLing, so I get to go rake soon! (No sarcasm here, I actually like raking.) What are some of your weekly highlights?


  1. You are so pretty :) :)
    Ive watched the first New Girl episode... but never really got into it... but it feels like ive watched all the other series there are!! haha.. (and i do actually haev alife!! ) which most people dont believe.. as seriosuly... ive watched almost all the series!! LOL

    Im a salad freak aswell! but lettuce is definitely my favourite... i love how crispy it is!!

    I love the filme Memoirs of a geisha!! One of my favourite films actully! :)
    At the moment im reading one of Sarah Dessans books... she is one of my favourite authors!

    Do you have any plans for the weekend?
    Im just looking forward to taking it easy!! I might head to the gym.. otherwise its just study and watch a few movies!! :)

    1. awwww, thanks :3
      haha, i feel that way sometimes too! but watching tv is definitely just a great way to unwind while we're takng a break from our lives ;)

      yay, i'm not alone! :D and mmm, lettuce is yummy too... it's just all good :D

      i need to watch it! next on my list :D and omg, i love sarah dessen too :3 my fave book by her is just listen.

      and that sounds like fun :D i'm working... sigh... going hiking with the parents... and that's pretty much it :P

  2. I LOVE New Girl. I started watching it when it first came on air and have been hooked ever since. I also love Fall coats, anything pumpkin flavored, and Memoirs of a Geisha (such a great book AND movie!).

    1. omg, it's just so funny :D i'm glad you like all those things too!

  3. new girl... i started watching the first few episodes (i totally ship whatsherface and the guy that isn't the one who takes his shirt off and totally likes her -nick maybe?) but then stopped... idk why i haven't gone back!
    eww arugala... hate it. i can only eat romaine lettuce, everything else is disgusting in my book :P
    reading.... omg my life

    1. lol at your naming xD and yeah, i think you mean nick :D they would be so cute!

      -gasp- how can that be? :O :O heartbroken xD

      and omg me too, would not live without it... books are the best! (just finished gone with the wind, will post about it later because i nearly died)

  4. coats are the greatest!

    Have a great week!


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