Sunday, September 23, 2012

hats, glasses and rainbows, oh my!

NEWS FLASH. Today was the first day in a month that I didn't wear:

a) my school uniform (ewwwww)
b) my workout clothes (not the stylish kind you see at lulu lemon, but old shorts that are no longer publically acceptable)
c) my work uniform (should be ditto ew, except the worst part is it's nicer than my school one)
d) pyjamas (don't judge, they're comfy and warm!)

Yes, I am a style queen. (Be impressed.) The outfit I wore today was however, in my opinion, quite adorable... except I was too lazy to take a picture. ( be completely honest, today I'm posting because I'm procrastinating on English homework. If you feel like giving me ideas for how to write poetry about healthy living, however...) I tried to find a photo online of the actually totally gorgeous dress I was wearing... but when I searched 'Yuki plaid dress' the one picture I found that somewhat ressembled it was this.

So there you go, I'm going to take that as a SIGN FROM THE INTERNETZ that my fashion is still stellar and suggest you do too. Where do I go to show off this outfit? (For the one weekend day in the foreseeable future and rememerable past that I'm not working?) Why, go shopping, of course! 

The sad thing is that I realised that the only thing I ever try on is glasses. Seriously. All the shopping excursions I've been on since I bought my phone (a grand total of... three) involve about fifty photos of glasses, and not much else. (In my defence, there were some pretty cool glasses... it's a good thing I don't actually need them, otherwise I'd probably be broke by now.)  The highlight of today's, however, were definitely one of these three pairs:

1- the plastic kitsch girly-girl... things. Literally, I'm not even sure how to describe these. Why would a store even make them? (No wonder they were on the clearance rack.) Also, yes, be in awe of that sexy face. I don't even know how I did that...

2- the giraffe. These ones reminded me so much of 'my' giraffe hat! I also found them slightly creepy though... like glasses with ears? Something is just wrong...

(I do want this hat now though!

Hats with ears, as you will already know if you've read this, are totally my fave, and what could be more amazing than a beret with ears?)

3- The mustache. After wearing these... I will never feel insecure about my eyebrows again. (The one benefit.)

What are some weird things you've seen while shopping? Are there items you find yourself trying on again and again? I hope you all had a great weekend, and that Monday isn't too painful!

Also... yay for pretty rainbows. Just 'cause I took about fifty pictures and needed to share.


  1. Novelty photos (glasses included!) are always amazing. That is clearly why you took pictures wearing three different kinds of glasses! Like the mustache one :P

    1. haha, i completely agree xD and yes, aren't they special? lol!

  2. What cool glasses! :)

    These days I am drawn to a color scheme -- purple, lilac, violet. Blame it on Rapunzel... I am so far that I talk about items being "Rapunzel approved."

    Anyway, I wanted to come to your blog to say hello and thank you for recently visiting mine. :)

    1. oooh, i like that term! tangled is one of my favourite movies :D

      and haha, no problem, thank you for visiting!

  3. Really charming and funny. Nice pictures.

  4. :)

    1. LOL! i feel much better knowing that i share this lovely expression with someone else XD


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