Friday, September 21, 2012

random ramblings

Because I'm already ready to go to bed, and rambling is just fun.
  • Highlight of religion class: when one of the boys hot-glued beads to his nipples. (Not making this stuff up, guys. You'd think that someone who's in grade 12 would know better, but it seems not.)
  • Of course, this same boy did hot-glue his own hair to his face last year in order to make a beard, so there we are. (What can I say, he's a real winner...)
  • You know you're in Canada when it's September and the snow shovels are already on display. (The sad moment...) 
  • Picture day was yesterday, and was surprisingly non-painful... just until I remembered that we still need to get grad photos taken. Sigh.
  • Chemistry is suprisingly cool. (Especially compared to physics... it's like the names say. Physics is like when you...ok, I have no idea where this metaphor is going and I think I'll just stop here before I dig myself too deep a hole.) 
To finish, here are a few pictures I saw around the Interwebz that I thought were funny! (Good for a tiring, rainy Friday.) 

...sad to say, but that's kinda my life.

...same. (Aka today.) 

...wait. WHAT? That's right. It's a dog... but also two dogs... MIND BLOWN. 

So yeah. I think I'm going to bed now. (It's 4:30, fyi.) Peace and love, baby ducks! (Which is a book that I have no interest in reading. I just like the title.) 

Jenny Matlock


  1. Oh my gosh, that boy sounds like a winner alright! And lol that picture has me cracking up!

    1. haha, glad you enjoyed them xD and yes, he's certainly something...

  2. Hahaha I have those two problems as well. The worst is when you just get to bed and you're like aww crap, I gotta pee. So you think... maybe it can wait until morning?

    Well at least that's what I do... hehe. And pants in the rain? I used to be too lazy to hem my pants and I live in Seattle, where it rains almost every day. Sooo all of my pants just had this shaggy layer in the back where the denim was all worn out from stepping on them in the rain. Heh.

    1. haha, i do that too! but then i wake up super early... decisions, decisions xD

      omg, totally the same. (i'm still stuck in the lazy stage.) it's pretty sad... that's the first part of pants to wear out, always.

  3. Can that boy be quite right in the head? ~ Maureen

  4. good luck with the chemistry - I never took it! And stay away from the jerk - sounds like he has half a mind, or he doesn't like his body! {:-D

  5. I'm still squirming from the hot glue in the same sentence at nipples!


    Maybe you can figure out how to fix his brain in chemistry class!

    That just seems crazy!

    Thanks for linking. I will be thinking about this all day!



    1. i know! he must be insane :P and haha, i'll try!


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