Friday, September 14, 2012

things that should remain unseen

Piglets are cute, right? (Well, as long as they're not covered in mud. Or eating overripe fruit. But anyway...) They have such nice little round, pink cheeks... however, picture one with a blond wig, and it's not so nice.

OH DEAR LORD. I just realised I look like Miss Piggy from the Muppets. (Except minus the pretty pink dress. Oh no, I only get an oversized uniform.)

However, I'm getting ahead of myself. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? (...probably not. Clarity has never been one of my chief virtues.) I am referring, of course, to school photos. (I'll bet you didn't guess that.)

Is there such a thing as an attractive yearbook picture? If so, I have yet to experience such a wonder. All of my pictures make me look... well, like Miss Piggy. Somehow they manage to squash my head inwards on itself and make my eyes look tiny and buggy.

(Side note: why do cute boys walk into the classroom at the EXACT moment I am grimacing at the screen? Bad enough that they get to see those pictures, they really don't need to see the less-than-attractive expressions in real life as well...)

Just think, in twenty years, I'll go to show my children this, and they'll be like, "...did you really look like that? I didn't know it was possible for someone's head to be that round" and I'll try to explain that no, my head did not actually look like a pink bowling ball when I was sixteen, it was just the camera... Mhmm. Yeah. Would you believe that? I DON'T THINK SO.

However, this does raise one important point: as the editor of yearbook (yes, despite all my ranting, I am doing it again this year... rereading last year's post is making me seriously question this decision!) I have final say on anything that goes in -cue evil laugh and hand rubbing- So, basically, don't get on my bad side, or you might find some pretty crazy pictures of you on the front page.

Don't worry, I'm kidding!...mostly.

On another note, I'd just like to say thank you to all of my wonderful followers! All the comments you leave really mean a lot to me, and I'm honored that people are actually choosing to read what I have to say... so again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  1. People (and by that I mean, females, and by that I mean young females) can be so hard on themselves! What you see as a major flaw, others may not even notice, or may actually even notice!
    Don't forget, though you may denigrate Miss Piggy, she is a superstar, has a star on her dressing room door and a pretty fabulous wardrobe covered in sparkles! So, really, I don't think she cares that her head is squashed and her eyes are slightly buggy.
    Plus, having see pictures of you, I know you are pretty photogenic!!

    1. - - or may actually even notice - - meant to say, may actually even admire or covet!!

    2. LOL! she is pretty fabulous ;) and i'm not worried about other pictures, just yearbook xD

  2. cute and funny post, love your sense of humor ;D
    Thank you so much for stopping by & following!!!! I’m following you back now :)
    Unfortunately you haven't “bloglovin”, but if you decide to add it on your blog, please let me know, and we can follow each other there as well, it's an easier way to keep in touch ;)
    Have a fabulous weekend full of fun<3


    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

    1. no problem, and thank you :) hoping your weekend was wonderful as well!

  3. Ugh. I don't miss those. all my picture, I have braces and failed attempts at cute hairstyles. and one of my school dance photos I'm not kidding you, I look like a whale.


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