Friday, April 27, 2012


The other day, in my Media Studies class, we had to hand in a photo essay. (This basically means that we got to wander around downtown for a full period!) I had wandered away from the group and was examining a phone cable. (I was just trying to be different. Creative. And really, what's more creative than a phone cable?)  

When I looked up, I saw a large group of tourists staring at me. (There are several things wrong with this. First of all, what kind of tour groups start touring before eight in the morning? That's just not right. Second, with all the places in the world, why choose here? Really, it's the most boring place on Earth. The most exciting thing that's happened in the past few years was the arrival of a new aisle at the grocery store... stocking adult diapers. You can tell this is a primarily senior community.) Several pulled out cameras; before I could react, I was blinded by their flashes (blinded by the lighttt! Does anyone else know that song?) tripped, and fell directly onto the cable, nearly strangling myself. (Why are there so many cables? Are they really necessary? Who needs phones anyway?) 

Also, it was raining. And cold. And my fingers were turning purple. 

On the bright side (haha, get it, the flashes were bright, so it's the bright side...): At least it was mostly empty, and at least  I contributed to making their vacation a little more exciting. (Also, none of them seemed to speak English, so at least no one else I know will see these photos.) And I did get a few nice shots... hopefully I get a good mark for all the trouble. (Really, if I was evaluated on effort, I would be getting the best mark in the class!)


  1. You may become famous at the tourists' place.
    I'm following your blog, I hope you can visit mine and follow if you like it.

  2. Infamous, maybe :P
    Thank you for the follow, I'm following you back!

  3. hahaha,,
    what an experience. you never know you're famous until this kind of thing happen

  4. haha, I know! it was definitely special xD


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