Monday, April 30, 2012

it's a rich girl's world

Peer out from behind a thick, leafy shelf. You have to tread carefully; an avalanche of boxes is imminent. Darting out of the way just in time to avert a crash, you spot the object of your desire. It won't escape you this time! Walking quickly now, you head in its direction, weaving through thick crowds while keeping your eyes focused on the prize.

Suddenly, you spot someone else headed in the same direction. No! This cannot be! But it's too late. Before your horrified eyes, the last package of Pogos has just been snatched up.

Sound familiar? Welcome to the excitement of grocery shopping.

To be honest, this has never happened to me. (I hate Pogos. Mystery meat and carbs, yum!) It would actually have been more exciting than what really happened- we almost had to leave behind our groceries.

Too much caviar? Nope. We'd decided to visit a different grocery store, and had arrived with a mountain of food at the checkout when we realised... it didn't take credit cards. (I mean, really. What kind of grocery store doesn't take credit?) It did take debit, but guess what? Despite the fact that she uses it all the time, my mother had forgotten her PIN. (Insert dementia joke here.)

In the end, I had to run out to the car (a 15-minute obstacle course, complete with extensive honking), find my wallet amidst the mounds of stuff and run back to the checkout, where eleven disgruntled people waited behind us.


On the plus side, I got to use my debit card for the first time! (At least one of us remembered her PIN.) However, it's also a little sad that my first purchase had to be groceries. I was hoping for something a little more exciting...or at least something I wouldn't want my parents seeing. (Same thing.) Has this ever happened to anyone else?


  1. haha well congrats on the card, I think my first purchase on mine was groceries too!

  2. I actually have my code programmed in my phone for my voice mail because i have forgotten it so many times.. insert ding bat here...

  3. Julie- thanks! I've actually had it for a while, but I usually end up using cash.

    Dusty- LOL! I'll tell my mother, I'm sure it'll make her feel better.


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