Monday, April 16, 2012

the case of the stolen iPod

It's a well-known fact that listening to music makes every job less tedious. (Except for shovelling manure. I don't think anything can make that better. Also, scrubbing mold.) Our art teacher has recently been complaining that our class has been complaining (yeah, I know. You'd think he should be the mature one and use a better strategy, such as threatening to beat us up, but no... I tried pointing this out, but was disregarded. Again, very mature) too much about the work we have to do. In order to render it more exciting and prove that I was a Mature, Initiative-filled Student (they're big on that) I decided to listen to my iPod. (FYI, we're painting. Fun, right? Not when it's a gigantic mural of an amoeba. Which happens to be our school mascot. Basically... don't ask.)

How was I supposed to know that we aren't allowed electronic devices? It's not like I actually read the code of conduct. (It's fifty pages long. I don't think anyone reads it... actually, never mind, I can think of a couple of students who have nothing else to do...) When my teacher saw it, he pitched a hissy fit and started yelling at me. I wasn't expecting it, and I jumped- forgetting of course about the can of paint in my other hand. Aquamarine blue sprayed across me, the mural, and three other students- who were of course the three most hair-obsessed girls in the class.

I think you can imagine the scene that followed- sheer pandemonium. (My ears are still ringing from the shrieks.)

So now I have no iPod (my teacher confiscated it... apparently my idea wasn't as good as I'd thought), my one uniform shirt (my cat stole the rest and I have yet to find them) is covered in bright blue paint, and I have three new enemies to watch out for. (You'd be surprised how vicious girls can get when they think their hair has been ruined. You'd think they'd just take it as an opportunity for free streaks!) On the plus side, yellow (my shirt colour) and blue are the school colours- so at least I'm being patriotic! (Is that the right word, or is that only when you're supporting a country? I never know...)

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