Wednesday, April 11, 2012

never exercise at a party

I like biking. However, I don't like freezing my ears, toes and nose off while doing it. Enter... the stationary bike. (You'd think they'd come with a disclaimer... or maybe they do, and I just didn't read it. Who actually reads those anyway?) Useful during the winter? Maybe. However, in the hands (feet?) of the right (wrong?) people, it can be a dangerous weapon.

Picture a party; not a wild and crazy, TGIF-style, but instead a fun gathering of friends. We were hanging around in the basement, chatting (I know, I know, it comes as a surprise that a group of teenage girls would do such a thing) and fiddling around with the various exercise machines. (Fitness is fun!) I was playing around on the stationary bike, trying out different speeds, when suddenly... it started moving.

I've replayed the incident in my head at least fifty times, trying to figure out what happened, and I'm still not sure. Did the bike skip? Did my shoes slip? Or was it just me being my normal klutzy self?

Whatever the cause, the effect was fairly dramatic. The bike slipped forward, tipped on its front wheel (I hadn't even realised there was a wheel there, before then) and flipped over. Of course, the stupid thing didn't stop there. I was clinging to the top like a limpet (I don't even know what a limpet is. It just seems like a popular expression) as it pushed me into the wall with its wheel, leaving gorgeous tire tracks across my face.

Did anyone ask me if I was okay? No. They all fell to the floor laughing. (You can really tell they love me.) However, this also proved that karma was alive and well- several people had headaches after from slamming their heads against the ground.

And the best part? There was a camera running the entire time. (She hadn't actually meant to film me... she was looking at a purple dinosaur.) The resulting video is now plastered all over Facebook for the entire world to see. (Okay, maybe not quite. Just her 246 friends... and if they decide to show it to their friends...) Let's just hope she never figures out how to upload it onto Youtube.

Ever since then, we've been mortal enemies. (Not quite nemesis territory, but close. I've started bonding with the treadmill instead.) And, of course, this has never happened to me while I'm alone. Tell me, dear readers- has this ever happened to you? Or am I the only one to whom exercise machines are deadly?


  1. You should post the video *wink wink*

  2. NO o_O Some things should never see the light of day! (well, any more than it already has...)


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