Sunday, April 22, 2012

the swamp cupcake debacle, pt. 2

So, I'm sure you're all just dying to know what happened at the dinner party. (If you're a new reader, welcome! My previous post explains it all.) Did he eat the cupcakes? Did he run away screaming in horror like a guinea pig? (Little girls have nothing on guinea pigs, trust me.) Did he look at my blue mascara, drop down on one knee and say, "Zia, you are so gorgeous, I realise I'm in love with you..."? (This is what I was keeping my fingers crossed for...)

Answer: none of the above.

I should have remembered, though- teenage boys eat ANYTHING. (There's a guy at my school who ate a sandwich that was starting to go blue and had been sitting under construction boots for two months. There's another one who has used the same spoon the entire school year, just leaving it in his locker so he doesn't forget it. It is now brown and crusty. How exactly are they the same species as me?) There were a few initial dubious looks, but I teased and smiled at him until he took a little bite... I think he ended up eating four.

Mission accomplished. (Insert smile here.)

However, this was not helped by my mother commenting loudly, several times, on how odd the cupcakes looked or by his father asking me exactly how much seaweed I'd put in. (Gotta love parents.)

No, the worst part was my shyness. You've read a few posts; you know I'm a little... quirky. I can deal with that. However, when I'm nervous, I'm just plain weird. I start talking, and one part of me remains completely horrified by the things that are coming out of my mouth.

Example: I started talking about TOMATOES, and how no one eats them like apples and wasn't that a shame? I bet they'd be delicious. Or maybe oranges, you can do that too right? But there'd be all that white peel... hmm, so maybe not as good. I don't know. But I do know I don't like looking at avocado because it's so mushy. It's like MONSTER SLIME THAT'S GOING TO EAT YOU! WATCH OUT.

...Yeah. Direct transcript. (This, dearest readers, is why I have no romance in my life.)


  1. I have to admit, the soliloquy to tomatoes was pretty funny!

  2. That is totally what I would do. Start talking about tomatoes.

  3. GG- I'm glad it amuses someone -_-

    hownottotalktoguys- Glad to know I'm not alone!


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