Monday, April 9, 2012

confessions of a teenage drama queen... writer

Attention everyone! I have a confession to make. I... write stories. For fun. (No guns involved, I swear!)
Yes. I know it's awful, and right now you're thinking- why would anyone even reveal that? It's just so awful! Why doesn't she just confess that she eats scorpions for fun, too? (Fun fact- I just spelt 'right' as 'write'. Why are typos so weirdly relevant? Except for when they involve lobsters or other crustaceans, which also seems to happen often.)

However, it's a facet of my life that just can't be denied. (Read: obsession.) The reason I truly came to realise this? Whenever I'm trying to avoid something, I start writing. Some people procrastinate by watching TV or talking to friends. I invent a new character. (And now you're thinking- wow this girl is a loser. First she said she liked math, and now...)

But on behalf of writers everywhere, I would just like to say- WRITING IS FUN! Yay for writing! Also, without writers, there would be none of those TV shows you're so addicted to... so just think about that the next time you're making fun of that girl sitting in the corner with crazy eye makeup and the weird old hat. (Who is totally not me. Cough cough.)

And another thing. Why is it that rereading things is always so painful? Looking at an old story I had written, I felt as though my eyes were about to melt out of my head and drip onto the keyboard. (I quickly had to leave the computer- it would have been devastating if I'd damaged it!) Although sometimes it can be funny too- like FUNNY AWFUL.

And the clincher? These were things that I wrote last year. How do actual published authors stand it? How will I feel in another year from now? Worst of all, how will I feel about this blog when I realise that IT'S BEEN OUT HERE FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD TO SEE?

...I think I'll just end this now, before my brain explodes.

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