Tuesday, May 15, 2012

getting the blues...

...in a good way. It's Tuesday again... so I thought I'd show you my all-time favourite makeup product! Can you guess what it is?

 Let's hear it for... blue mascara!

 Ok, so it doesn't look super blue in this picture... but just look at my eyes!

Oh, and a huge thank you to the amazing Kori over at The Musings of an Awkward Panda for introducing me to this gorgeous product!

In these pictures, I'm wearing it with light blue... but I've tried it with green, copper, gold, silver and dark blue and it's looked good with all of them. (Basically it's just gorgeous.) 

Here I am, showing you my full (and gorgeous, hahaha) face.

What's your favourite makeup product? Is it as impractical as mine?


  1. Ah, GOSH, how I love thee.

    You're so welcome! I can't believe how well it suits you. -blue mascara fistbump-

    1. It's great! Do you have any other of their products?
      Thanks :D

  2. The blue goes so well with the green of your eyes!

    1. Umm, thanks... except that my eyes are brown xD

  3. so much fun! love playing with colored mascaras :)

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

    1. me too! What colours do you have?


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