Friday, May 4, 2012

why am i here… (random french class musings)

Sometimes, my brain just goes into overload. Does anyone ever have moments when they’re completely and totally on a rocketship to another world? (In this case, its fuel was French grammar. Why does it have to be so much more COMPLICATED than English?) This can be fun (like when I visit penguins and dinosaurs and mutant squirrels, oh my!) but it’s also a disadvantage when the teacher calls on me and I realise I haven’t heard anything for the past 15 minutes. The same process inevitably follows : I turn bright red, smile like a maniac and answer something completely random. (Sometimes, if I’m especially lucky, this happens several times in a row because the teacher asks me to repeat myself.) Whoops. (Then everyone stares at me, and unfortunately it’s not just because of the beauty of my pink glasses.) Writing blog entries in class= not the best idea.

On another note, why do guys take up so much SPACE while they’re working? Seriously, I’m looking around the class right now and all of the guys have their stuff stretched across at least two desks. Is this some kind of marking-your-territory thing, like peeing in corners? (Speaking of, why do they go to the bathroom in packs? Wouldn’t that be super awkward, and isn’t that a girl thing anyway?) Please, if you understand this, explain. (Although it’s possible that the guys at my school are just freaks. I wouldn’t be surprised.)

I’ll end this here, before it disintegrates further into confusion. We’re now watching a creepy video where all the actors look like wax effigies and speak with Québécois accents so heavy that I have no idea what they’re saying. (My brain is rapidly falling back to earth, prepared to crash-land on the desk.) In case you’re curious, here it is a link… (Be warned though, you'll probably be like whattt? Even the frozen picture is creepy...)


  1. Guys definitely do not go to the bathroom in packs in the US... hahaha

  2. It took me a full minute to figure out that those people were speaking in French.... -_-

  3. Ok, so maybe my school is just weird :P I don't get it... and LOL xD it must have been even more confusing!

  4. Their accent is incredibly difficult to understand! They sound kinda like that creepy, bad guy in Disney films who you're not supposed to trust. I zoned out listening to a lecture on my computer today and then realized and had to rewind haha-- but it's worse in class!

    1. Glad to know it's not just me xD And agreed... I wonder if that's actually the effect they were going for? Haha, yeah, I wish I could rewind sometimes :P


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