Sunday, May 13, 2012

technological woes

I realised that it's been a while since I mentioned mutant squirrels in any of my blog posts. Obviously they've been lying low to prepare for their latest coup: destroying my computer.

When I turned it on, all seemed as usual. A beautiful flamingo greeted me (maybe if I'd chosen a squirrel, none of this would have happened?) when suddenly... it was no longer there. Before my horrified eyes appeared... The Blue Screen of Death. (Capitals definitely necessary.)

I can't even make light of this. I nearly fell off my chair in shock. (Although, to be honest, I shouldn't have been rocking back on two 'legs' anyway. Listen to your elementary school teachers!) Thankfully, after a longggggggg rebooting session, all my files reappeared as usual. (Well, I'm hoping- I've actually been afraid to check.)

After this near heart attack, I decided that it would be a good idea to back up all of my important files (read: writing and photos, not schoolwork, because if I lose that it's an easy excuse to be late) onto one of the many external hard drives we have lying about. (Why do we have more than one? Who knows...)

It took me about fifteen minutes to locate one. (Of course the day I want one, they'll all be hidden.)  It weighs about twenty pounds, so lugging it up the stairs was a nice little workout. Both my desk and the bed were exactly the wrong distance from the plug-in, so I had to crouch awkwardly on the floor with the laptop... and it told me it would take twenty minutes an hour ago.

Then, I logged onto my Blogger account to post this... and realised that all the blogs I followed had, as one of my friends would say, dropped off the face of the earth. Everything was not okie-dokie-artichokie (another friend-ism). I looked at a couple of these blogs, and I was still registered as a follower- my account had just decided that I would no longer be receiving updates from them. (As you can see, I'm a little hypocritical. What would I do without my daily blog reading? I might actually have to do research during classes!)

Fingers crossed- hopefully they'll reappear soon.

Gahh. How do you get mutant squirrels to forgive you? (I'm guessing that running around screaming like a banshee wouldn't help... nor do I want to invite over the neighbours' cat to eat them. He'd surely get indigestion.)


  1. hey! love your blog, am following, would love if you followed me back! :)

    1. Thank you :) And yes, I'd love to!

  2. Dude. Those mutant squirrels. Have been lurking about here and it's starting to freak me out. Hopefully my laptop will not be next (or, rather, hopefully they don't have anything against Macs!)...

    1. All I can say is... WATCH OUT. They're evilll...

  3. Sounds like the zombie squrriels that decided to infect my desktop.....



    1. Ugh, that sucks! Hopefully they leave you fast!


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