Friday, May 25, 2012

sharpie love

So I'll bet you're all just dying to hear which was the correct answer from yesterday's post... and it was...-drumroll- B! A was completely fictive (thank goodness... can you imagine the embarassment?) and C wasn't me- it was one of my friends! (I helped cover her, but didn't do it myself for one reason: BUGS.) Obviously, this is just another reason why Sharpies are wonderful. I LOVE Sharpies, so today I thought I would make a list of all the uses they have! (Can you guess I love lists too?)

·         Clothing décor. There are tons of beautiful designs out there you can do with markers! You may not want to wash your clothes (or wear them in the rain) for fear of running... but hey, as long as you never sweat or go anywhere with dust you're dandy.
·         Hair colour. Has anyone tried this? Admittedly, I haven't... but I bet it would work like a charm! (Hey, if you can do it with food colouring...)
·         Installation art. You know how when you were younger, you drew on walls with crayons? Why not take it up a notch and use something a little more hardcore? (Plus, a marker is a little less suspicious than a can of spray paint.) 
·         Tattoo trials. Want a tattoo, but aren't certain if it'll look good? Draw it on with a Sharpie! You could even get your tattoo-er (tattoo-ist?) to do it- that way you'll know if they have a steady hand. (And a word of advice: if they smudge, you might want to find someone else...)

Does anyone else have any alternate suggestions? I hope you're all having a wonderful Friday, and using your Sharpies for good! (Aka: NOT drawing a mustache on the face of your nemesis while she's sleeping... muahaha, not that I would do that...)


  1. Ahhh a guy wrote his number on your arm?! What happened?!

    1. Haha, rereading this post I realised I didn't really clarify xD (Why I shouldn't blog while tired...) Basically, it went like this: we'd been hanging out with a group of other people, everyone was drawing on each other with Sharpies, and he asked me for my number. When I said I didn't have one, he wrote his on my arm :P

  2. Ohmigoodness, I want details when you get them with this mysterious Sharpie romantesque of yours ;*

    1. Let's just say it's all very odd... a post might be coming up soon... :P


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