Wednesday, May 16, 2012

blue quite literally

I can be very impulsive. Sometimes, these impulses are BAD. (Witness the time I asked my friend's mother if she was wearing a dress made of wallpaper...) However, sometimes they turn out pretty well. This week, guess what my impulse was?

If you guessed 'dyed your hair'... a thousand points. Yes! I dyed my tips blue! What do you think? I'm quite happy with it. And my hair isn't too dry, which is good. I think next time I'd do it a little less high (I went a little overboard, as my blue-spattered counter also demonstrates. Good thing I wasn't doing red, or it would look like a crime scene) but other than that it's brilliant. Has anyone else ever dyed their hair blue?

I must say though, major changes in appearance like this really show the difference between boys and girls. Case in point: I was talking to one of the guys in my class early this morning, while the hallway (yes, my highschool is so small that we only have one hallway) was still empty. I've asked him if he notices when girls where makeup, and he gave me a bewildered look and asked "Do the girls here really wear much? I never noticed."

As you've all seen the looks I wear, you know they're in no way understated. I was quite surprised- how can you not notice it?- but let it go, saying, "It's good I'm not wearing it for you, then!" Which is a big fat lie, but whatever.

One of the (female) teachers arrived, and called out that she loved my hair. I looked back at the guy (really, I need to develop witty and creative nicknames) just in time to see his eyes dart to my hair and widen to the size of loonies.

He totally hadn't noticed.

And it's not subtle either. This raises the question- where exactly was he looking? Obviously not at my face, since he didn't notice my makeup, and apparently not at my chest either, if he didn't see my hair... so then, where? My elbow? My knee? (I'm sure my elbows are extremely attractive... but I'd rather think that my face is prettier.)

In other news, I'm going away! I leave tomorrow night and get back Tuesday morning... so no posts all that time. (Try not to cry- I know it's hard.) I'll try to post something tomorrow morning so that you don't miss me too much. Oh, and where will I be? Attending a combination dance workshop/French party event... operating on little sleep and deplorable food... so I'm sure I'll return with plenty of fascinating stories.(Or maybe just incomprehensible ones. Anything can happen without sleep.)

Hope your weeks are going great!


  1. I love your hair. It's so quirky and cute. Boys are dumb ;) hehe

  2. It looks great! I'm dying to do mine but I need my hair to grow a few inches first :( I'm thinking pink..
    Jessica x

    1. Thank you :) Very cool- I might do pink next...


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