Sunday, May 6, 2012

busking is not prostitution

I thought I should make that clear right away, just so that there was no confusion. When I asked how to apply for a licence at City Hall, the woman manning (or should I say womanning?) the desk literally recoiled in her chair, eyes bugging out, and said, "We don't hold with that kind of thing here." I couldn't think of anything to say, so I just left, metaphorical tail tucked between my legs.

(Really, though, what did she think I meant? Does she just really not like live entertainment? Did she somehow hear 'stripping'?)

Whatever her problem was, I eventually managed to find a licence (she was wrong. No one else at City Hall seemed to have a problem- in fact, they seemed excited. Hopefully they weren't confused too...) and began playing with two of my friends at the farmer's market. We made a decent amount of money and had an indecent amount of fun. (For the amount of money we made. Again, don't worry- no hanky-panky!)

This was last year. Fast-forward (...and we're taking on the world together, there's a drawer of my things at your of our best songs) to yesterday... and we're freezing our fingers off playing for no one. Apparently, farmer's markets in 2011 are far more exciting than ones in 2012- maybe people fear that the end of the world is coming, and have decided that they have better things to do now? My only response to that is "NO! There is nothing better for you to do with your life than come give me money!"

I really could do without the random questions, though. Yesterday, one man asked us, "So, are you going to college or going to jail?" (I still haven't figured out if he was serious or not...) Another day, someone asked us if we played in a hole. What does that even mean? Did it look like we were subterranean trolls? Is it a song? (If so, why not say so?) 

I just reread this post and realised it had absolutely no point... so the point is, give money to people busking (especially if they're a group of three blonde girls, cough cough) because even a dollar makes them happy! (There. You may now thank me, buskers of the world.)


  1. I think it's awesome that you busk!

  2. That's such a random question college or jail, hopefully he was joking!!

  3. Mariana- I really enjoy it! It was a bit nerve-racking at first, but it's definitely fun and profitable.

    Emmett Katherine- I hope so, too...

  4. So what was your answer - college or jail? And why would he think you needed to earn money to make it into jail? Perhaps he doesn't understand the concept.

  5. I think we just stared blankly... keeping our options open. And I have no idea- maybe we need money to do illegal things?


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