Monday, May 7, 2012

i promise i won't burn down the house

I think we can all agree that some time alone is essential to avoid going completely insane. In that respect, being home alone is pretty fun. No one to disturb your solitude by complaining about the noise/the mess/the cat/a thousand other unimportant things... heaven. However, in a few short hours, I have also noticed a couple of disadvantages. Here follows a list of my observations...

Pro: ability to sunbathe for several hours without being disturbed/made to feel lazy.
Con: no one to put sunscreen on your back... or to remind you to put on sunscreen at all. (Result? Tomato-face strikes again.)

Pro: no one to complain about the noise of the robotic vacuum.
Con: no one to save you when said vacuum goes berserk and starts chasing you around the room.

Pro: ability to test-drive new and outrageous clothes before deciding if they're appropriate for the outside world.
Con: discovering that the outfit is extremely difficult to remove just when you desperately have to pee.

Pro: ability to blast music and have a wild dance party in the kitchen.
Con: no one to warn you about irate neighbours staring at you through the glass door. (Especially problematic when you remember the crazy outfit.)

Pro: balanced meals? Who needs those when you have chocolate and nuts?
Con: I think we all know the answer to this one. (Hello, treadmill!)

Pro: blessed silence. (A break from screechy guitar music? Yes please.)
Con: the scream when a spider falls on your head seems especially loud.

All things considered, though, I still love being at home alone. Who knows, though- his may change once I actually have to live alone full-time! (In the meantime, if you don't hear anymore from me, assume that I've electrocuted myself with the blender.) What do you think? Does anyone else get this excited about their alone time?


  1. That whole desperate to pee thing - think about Depends. A lifesaver for the furniture and that special Saturday Night outfit!

  2. Don't worry - we'll just be roomates and share rent and Sephora costs. That way I can kill the spiders and you can help me test drive my new clothes and we can keep each other on track for our fitness plans :D

  3. I always appreciate the alone time I get in my apartment. Gotta love those irate neighbors.

  4. I ate a whole hershey bar this weekend. I enjoyed every drop.

  5. i love my time alone at home. i ate a whole box of ice cream and brownies. it was a pleasure

  6. Mme Jacie- -____- Is that your strategy? I hope not...

    Kori- I love this plan! I warn you though, I can be a little bit of a clean freak xD

    Cassandra- I know... they're just the best :P

    Dusty- yum! Chocolate is just amazing.

    Nikskie- good to know I'm not the only one who does this xD


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