Thursday, June 7, 2012 that normal?!

Hello lovely bloggers! I decided to join in on this linkup over at Chalk in the Rain! If you haven't already you should definitely check out her blog, it's very sweet and funny!

So, without further ado, here I go!

1. Is it normal to Google yourself? I must say I never do this. (Well, okay, I have once or twice... and discovered that 'I' am always blonde and generally a dancer or gymnast. A good sign, I think.) So.. well, apparently it's normal? 

2. Is it normal to pretend you're stuck in traffic as an excuse for being late? I'm chronically early, so I really can't comment! (It's probably more normal than always hanging out alone for half an hour because you're so early...)

3. Is it normal to have told someone they have bad breath? Yes, as long as you offer them gum along with it... if maybe a bit brutal!

4. Is it normal to have worn the same undies 2 days in a row without washing them? NO! That is disgusting! If you have no clean underwear, wash them or wear a bikini bottom!

5. Is it normal to put baby powder in your hair to degrease? I use corn starch, personally, because I hate the smell of baby powder... but yes! It's just cheap dry shampoo, right?

6. Is it normal to accidentally send a nasty text/email to the person that it was about? I certainly hope not! Occasionally maybe... but if this is a regular occurence, is it really accidental? (And if you're the one always recieving these 'accidental' messages, it might be time to find some new friends...)

7. Is it normal to have lied to your doctor? Maybe not outright lied, but definitely stretched the truth a bit! (Otherwise appointments would go on FOREVER...)

8. Is it normal to go the whole week eating cereal for dinner? I don't know about normal, but I do know that some weeks I would love to do this! (Well, oatmeal. I'm not much of a cold cereal eater.)

9. Is it normal to pull clothes out of the dirty laundry to wear? ...I do this all the time. (After making sure they don't smell too bad... No one seems to have noticed yet!) 

10. Is it normal to regift a wedding gift? Well, I'm not quite at that stage in my life yet... but it seems a little risky!

Well, that was fun! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Let me know if you did this- I'd love to read your responses!


  1. Re-gifting doesn't usually work because everyone registers for different gifts. I'll eat cereal or oatmeal at any hour of the day!

    1. I see, thanks :P & yay for cereal!

  2. Number 6 is something I'm afraid of.

    1. Me too, actually- I try to never send anything nasty just on that off chance :P

  3. This made me laugh! God, I am always pulling stuff back out the laundry basket. I'm always thinking "Has that top STILL not been washed? Jeeeesh.... eh, it's fine, it'll do for the day". Really need to stop doing that because the stuff comes out so creased!
    And I have googled myself before and there happens to be a photographer with the same name who photographs nude people. Niiiice.
    & thank you for being my 100th follower! xxx

    1. haha, same! (maybe people do notice and are just too nice to comment xD)
      ...Awkward O_o lucky you...
      haha, no problem! I felt so special xD


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