Monday, June 25, 2012

saving the fair maiden... or not

Although school is over (and thus the source of many of my odd experiences has run dry) there's no need to worry- as long as my mother is around, I will have plenty of fodder for my blog. Whether she's dancing in the middle of the road or simply getting dressed, rest assured that much eye-rolling and chocolate will be necessary to heal my humiliation. (Love you, Mum!)

What did she do this time? She decided that we needed to go on a quest.

Were there dragons?

 Cute! But NO.

Damsels in distress, however? Of course!

(Yours truly was along for the ride. Do you even need to ask?)

Really, though, the most important question- were there knights in shining armour? (Possibly cuter...)  NO. Not even. Just old bronze statues of prime minsters... and let's just say that none of them were stunners even when they weren't made of metal.

Okay, so there was a little bit of danger- that of being hit by a particularly violent raindrop as we skipped along, attempting to decipher the clues we'd been given. It was like a scavenger hunt, with a combo of prime ministers (we got to admire those gorgeous statues further) and directions- really, does anyone know which prime minster believed in human rights or which direction lies north? Does anyone care? 

Well, be that as it may, we eventually got to the end of it... then promptly went to eat dinner, despite having eaten innumerable Larabars while walking. (Is there a correlation there? I have no idea.) I'm just glad I managed not to get lost...although this was probably just becasue we were walking so slowly. What kinds of weird activities do you do with your family?


  1. your mum sounds great fun! and that little dragon is adorable <3
    this post reminded me of very complicated, long and confusing easter egg hunt that my friends parents made - when i say it took nearly all day i mean that ;)
    great post as usual! x

    1. agreed! i just want to cuddle it :3
      ...lucky you :P i hope you got lots of chocolate afterwards!

  2. Haha your mom sounds a little like my mom. The ability to see the humor in situations (along with chocolate and eye rolling) makes things way easier!

    1. that's for sure- much eye rolling is needed!

  3. I love going on quests! Your mom sounds pretty cool :)
    You look adorable and super pretty in that picture btdubs. (Sorry I'm in a weird mood right now)


    1. it was pretty fun, except i was still exhausted from the prom xD next time i'll appreciate it more!
      awww, thanks <3


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