Wednesday, June 20, 2012

my year in retrospective

I am now officially done grade 11. (Okay, this is actually a guess. I'm pretty sure I didn't fail anything. Fingers crossed.)

How should I feel about this? No idea. Right now I'm torn between "so tired I'd like to fall over and sleep for a week" and "PARTY! WHOOT WHOOT!" I'm sure that, soon enough, it'll all kick in and I'll be sad. Soon. Just not today. Or tomorrow. Or... all summer. Probably not until I have mountains of homework from my grade 12 classes.

Anyway. All nostalgia aside, this was a pretty eventful year! Now, I'll share with you some of the highlights.

·         Ate countless protein bars. (Yes,  this is a highlight. At least it's a relatively healthy addiction!)
·         Discovered a love for old movies. (His Girl Friday! Grease! Some Like It Hot! Anyone else love these?)
·         Wrote. A lot. (Blog, novel, essays, poetry, emails... you name it, I wrote it.)
·         Read. Even more. (All of the above, times 500.)
·         Discovered that physics is both awful and a potential flirting tool. (Everything has a bright side.)
·         Wore bright, bold and wonderful makeup. (Especially blue mascara!)
·         Flirted... and was occasionally flirted with in return. (The excitement mounts!)
·         Yelled at people. (Mostly because of yearbook committee, as I mentioned in this post.)
·         Tripped over countless invisible barriers. (I know they're there! I'm not just tripping over nothing, I swear!)
·         Started a blog. (No. Really!)
·         Laughed, cried, chatted, screamed, sang, whispered, danced...

 Plus, miracle of miracles, today was Beach Day and I didn't get a sunburn- life is good. (I got to wear sparkly sunscreen! And look like a pretty little faerie! So exciting.) What kinds of fun happened in your 'years'? How is life today?


  1. Congratulations! Good for you. I'm discovering a love of old movies too!

  2. wew! have a good summer, I have two exams and a week to go until prom :D
    the flirting potential of physics is a definite plus!

    1. thanks! good luck :) my prom is tonight, so excited :D & yeah, probably the only plus! (that i can see so far.)

  3. Beside the recent exams, sounds like it's been a good year! :)
    I LOVE old movies- they're my favourite.
    Wow- I'm impressed with all your writing- that's awesome!
    Maybe I'll read your novel (or future novels) one day?

    1. it has been :) glad to know i'm not the only old movie lover!
      haha, i hope so :)

  4. I like 'Grease'.
    I hope you had fun on the beach.
    Good luck with your school results.

    1. it's wonderful <3 i did, and thank you!


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